To get an idea on how to do a book, I decided to do this book for fun. I thought a DIY and Recipe book would be the easiest, especially considering I wanted to learn how to do different layouts for self-publishing, but then I realized I had to make every dish and do every craft and purchase all the things to do those things, and wow, this book took some time and effort.

I ended up just doing this as an e-book only because I was missing deadline to get a print version out before Thanksgiving. And then I struggled getting my images down to the smallest file size imaginable because this ended up being a much larger book than I anticipated. It’s a huge download.

Some of the photographs I took for the book…

One of the sections was titled 10 Different Cookies to Make with Sugar Cookie Dough

Such as cookies with Fruit Gummies baked in the center

Cinnamon discs baked in the center, and don’t forget the red hots…

Werther’s Original baked in the center with buttercream icing

Smash some chopped apples and cinnamon into the dough, make a thumb print in the center, and drizzle homemade caramel sauce on.

Or you can just wrap the apple dough around a caramel cream…

You can wrap sugar cookie dough around a Hershey’s Kiss

Then there’s the EASIEST HOMEMADE APPLE PIE FROM SCRATCH EVER! Just buy a bag of apple slices already peeled from Walmart’s snack section, refrigerated pie crust, and 10 minute prep time for something that tastes better than Betty Crocker.

Grasshopper Cupcakes

Homemade Gift Idea: Coffee Cup filled with chocolate covered coffee beans

Some Fun How-To’s

Carve these Pumpkins (it’s way easier than it looks)

Make Department Store worthy bows for your gifts…

This wreath is made from the cardboard under a frozen pizza and ribbon…

School pictures to ornaments with doilies, scrapbook supplies, and Modge Podge

I made this from leaves outside, a Chef Boy R Dee can, and Dollar Store fake flowers and twine.

Easy Clay necklace to support Breast Cancer Awareness… something the kids can make for gifts