I’m getting ready to develop products to help small businesses master the internet. In addition, I still offer freelance graphic design services, so I wanted a product to help people define their brand, and something bigger than just a brand guide because a brand is so much more than a color scheme and font.


Most business owners do not have much time to devote to learning and planning. So I wanted to reduce the bull shit and get straight down to business. Instead of writing page after page of what one should think about, I decided to make a workbook that gets your mind in the right direction.

Some of the “text” I put as infographics, but not in the usual style. Most of my traffic to this book will most likely come from my blog, “Blogging As I Learn It,” and it’s branding concept is now photographs with filters and overlays, so I wanted to mimic that with the book.

I have a huge focus on feelings and emotions because marketing textbooks will remind you that logic can be argued, but emotions? Not so much. In addition, people respond better to things that make them feel. So a good brand is one that has a personality that makes people feel good, one that is aspirational and inspires the feelings that leads people to conversions and sales.

Another thing I did different than most things I see out there is that I really take a minute to think about the target market. Textbooks tells us how important it is to define a target market, but in my experience, my best marketing (and cheapest marketing) came from being where my customers are (whether in person, or in print). So I try to force the reader to think about where their customers are already hanging out in order to start the mind-process of brainstorming for marketing ideas.

The book is still a work in progress as print and e-books are different formats, and I plan on offering the print books for sale, but give away e-book versions occasionally in marketing my business products. If you’d like to see the blog I will be associating to this, so far, www.blogginglearn.com