I run pages on Facebook, and while I often try to promote things like blog posts or products I’m selling, I do a lot more trying to amuse the masses and keep my page alive. These are the Entertainment Graphics. For promotional graphics, you can see some at From Dust To Essence and Blog Post Social Media.

Keep in mind, the following are just designs. Some were designed just to be an artistic thing, some to be funny, some for A/B testing, and others, to get shares and stuff like that.

But I would say the top engaged items are HUMOR, and because I was a humor writer, most of my Facebook posts were centered around humor.

Warning: My blog thrived on being profanity laced, and as a result, my target readership enjoyed reading “creative profanities” because it just expressed the relate-able feelings so well.

Like Facebook was my home for shenanigans, dumbfuckery, and brutal honesties.

As a mom blogger, I did a lot of retro moms and pinups.


My target market was female, ages 35 to 45…

Facebook seems to enjoy the awe aspect behind TMI

Facebook is often our escape from the hard knock life…

Parenting Issues are a trend, especially when I draw really horrible cartoons

Sometimes, you have to be a little more serious.

I’m so sick of all this false advertising out there, I decided to make some Truth Advertising…

Politics is the new Trend now that Trump is president and liberals hate him more than my in-laws hate me.

I’m kind of proud of this though it didn’t get much attention, but I took the face of Donald Trump from one picture, added makeup to it, transposed it onto the body of a male model, and then put it on an Apocalyptic background. Not bad right? I mean his head is a little off, but I wasn’t trying to devote time to this.