Randi E. wanted a logo for her yoga instruction out in California. The lotus is a very Zen icon often associated to yoga, so I took the Lotus from my coloring book that I drew by hand, and removed the center leaf and gave the overall outline a thicker line. I drew the yoga lady in Illustrator, and the font is Look Sans.


Lisa N. needed a logo for her publishing company who specializes in mom-products such as the book Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness. With monkey in the name, you kind of expect a “Monkey Around” flavor, and with the focus on motherhood, I thought a stuffed monkey (with a sock monkey mouth) would epitomize the emotion best. I drew the monkey by hand. Then the font, I wanted the modern sans serif to be the focal point because it has gained so much popularity and is a clean look, but many people associate presses with typewriters, so my font combination wrote itself.


Lisa N. also wanted a web button and logo for her concept of What is a Mother to do? She originally visioned a logo where every letter was a different font. So with this project, I have quite a few variations for her to choose, and in the end, she narrowed it down to 2 or 3 variants that are similar in nature. But every letter being a different font looked really busy, so I narrowed it down to 3 fonts: Lobster, Pupcat, and Open Sans.


Sara M. had a Facebook page that grew considerably that focused on politics with a liberal lean. Once it hit 20,000 followers, she needed a logo. Because it would mainly be a FB page’s profile picture to show up as that small box on the right when she comments, it needed to be very simple.